Tournaments map feed

Paste our widget on your League or County FA website so visitors see a map of tournaments in your area. Your visitors will be able to click/zoom to a specific tournament and even enquire directly with its organiser directly from the map. The organiser’s email address is not disclosed hence you avoid privacy issues. The Tournaments map is automatically kept up to date as the season progresses, so your website looks up to date, and you save time. You save time because we handle de-listing played tournaments and updates from organisers informing us that age groups have become fully booked.

Generic map feed

We have made it easy for you to put this Tournaments map feed on your web site. Just copy the HTML code snippet below and paste it into your page for free.

To fit best with your page design change how many pixels wide and high you would like. Easy!

Map feed customised for your League

For a custom feed centred and zoomed on your county or league boundaries fill in the form below. We do this free for County FA and affiliated Leagues. Just let us know the centre of your geographic patch. This is usually defined in sections 2(a) – 2(c) of your Constitution so just paste these into the message box below, or get the Eastings & Northings from our map tool here. Also let us know roughly how far out your boundaries are so more or less all of your patch is displayed without visitors having to scroll around too much.

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