Newbold-on-Avon Rugby Club Sports facility, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 1EZ

Hillmorton FC


Enquire direct to the Tournament Organiser

It's free to enquire to get information. No obligation.

    Grassroots (any division)Colts (below Division 1)AcademyGirls

    Closing Date for registrations 29th April – (Early closing date due to this being a trophy Event so we know how many cups we need to buy for each team)

    Friday 3rd June :
    Under 14 (17:30 Registration – 18:00 kickoff).

    Saturday 4th June:
    Under 6 and 10 (9:30 Registration – 10:00 Kickoff).
    Under 8 and 12 (13:30 Registration – 14:00 Kickoff).

    Sunday 5th June:
    Under 7 and 11 (9:30 Registration – 10:00 Kickoff).
    Under 9 and 13 (13:30 Registration : 14:00 Kickoff).

    Trophy Event – Medal for every player. A levelled final for every team (Runners and Winners Cup for every team). Food and Refreshments sold on site. Parking – £2 per car. Even number of teams needed.