Tournament software services for County FA and Leagues

Managed tournament listings on County FA websites.

We offer a managed tournament list service for County FA websites. We provide a list feed that is kept up to date throughout the season without any effort from you. Now your Tournaments page is better than a plain list, because it : –

  • sends team manager enquiries directly.
  • keeps club email addresses private – unlike in-house lists we never publish contact details
  • increases reach by promoting affiliated club tournaments on the CFA site and our site
  • displays how a tournament is progressing through sanction status (if you opt to tell us)

Tournament feed for League websites. Free!

Paste our widget on your League website so visitors see tournaments on a map of your area. Your visitors will be able to click/zoom to a specific tournament and even enquire directly with its organiser. The organiser’s email address is not disclosed so you avoid privacy issues. The Tournaments map feed automatically keeps up to date as the season progresses, so your website tournament page always looks up to date, and you save time. We handle de-listing played tournaments and updates from organisers informing us that age groups have become fully booked to save your time.