For County FA and Leagues

Managed tournament listings on County FA websites.

I offer a managed tournament listing service for County FA websites. Enquire about your CFA website having a Tournament list page. Benefits are : –

  • the CFA site and this site both promote affiliated club tournaments, generating more leads for member clubs
  • Your tournament list page is kept up to date for you, throughout the season
  • Club volunteers keep their email addresses private
  • Club officials receive enquiries from Team Managers directly, without you getting involved.

Tournament map feed for League websites. Free!

Paste the Tournament widget on your League website so visitors see tournaments on a map of your area. Your visitors will be able to click/zoom to a specific tournament and even enquire directly with its organiser. The organiser’s email address is not disclosed so you avoid privacy issues. The Tournaments map feed automatically keeps up to date as the season progresses, so your website tournament page always looks up to date, and you save time. We handle de-listing played tournaments and updates from organisers informing us that age groups have become fully booked to save your time.


I started listing FA sanctioned grassroots football tournaments in the year 2000 on The Buckinghamshire list audience quickly grew beyond to London, Oxfordshire Berkshire and Hertfordshire. By 2014 even more counties were using it so it was separated onto its own dedicated site here. The heatmap below shows tournament coverage since.

Heatmap of tournaments listed 2014- 2020
Tournaments listed 2014- 2020