Guarantee and Refund Policy

I guarantee Tournament Organisers will get genuine enquiries that can be converted to a sale. If you pay for a Basic Advert for your tournament and don’t get any teams enquiring via the listings service, then you can have the money for your advert fee back. The guarantee applies to tournaments that get listed in time for the listings to work their magic – that means listing at least four weeks before your tournament or three weeks before your published application deadline, whichever is the sooner. It also requires you to keep your email box receiving emails and not filling up and/or bouncing emails. You are guaranteed to get enquiries from genuine football teams (so test emails or spam are not enquiries).

The Gold Advert is also covered by this guarantee as long as it does not have a link off the site. If you have an advert that links to a your site, it takes visitors off the site. This reason means I can’t guarantee to create enquiries for you; instead your website would be responsible for handling the visitors. This means Gold Adverts with links off site, and Dual CTA (“Dual Button”) adverts are excluded from the guarantee.

If you are advertising on this site for the first time, just try out the Basic £10 advert! You’ll get the money-back guarantee that you will get genuine enquiries that can be converted to a sale.

How to claim your money back

After your tournament date, let us know if you want to claim your advert fee under this guarantee. If you have multiple adverts, you can request I can review each one on a case by case basis. Once your claim(s) are received I will review it. You will get an email to notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied original method of payment, within 7 days.