Tournament feed for CFA and League websites

 Outsource the League website tournament page to Thinkable Cloud Ltd. This is a free service on offer for Leagues.

Why a Tournament feed for your League site

  1. Instead of you keeping member clubs’ tournament details updated, I do the admin work for you.
  2. I never publish contact details (unlike some other web sites) meaning that spammers don’t use your website as a place to harvest email addresses. I send team manager enquiries directly to the organising club and maintain privacy for the Tournament Director’s email address.
  3. I increase the reach of your member club’s tournament by promoting affiliated club tournaments via two websites:-  your website site as well as this site
  4. When a tournament date has passed, it is automatically removed.
  5. Team managers can plan further in advance, and Tournament Directors get a better idea what the demand is from Age Groups. Display tournaments that are at club planning stage early in the season as well as tournaments that become sanctioned towards the end of the season.

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What the tournament page on a League site can contain

  1. Map embedded on the League webpage of your area with clickable tournament pins. Team Managers can click a pin to make an enquiry direct to the Organiser
  2. Links on the League webpage to specific geography and tournament genres like Girls-only, Colts (lower divisions), Pre-season, Academy etc.

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