How to Reschedule, Postpone or Cancel

Is your club re-scheduling a tournament due to Covid-19? may help you to manage communicating with your attendees. Rescheduled, Postponed or Cancelled mean different things to your attendees. It’s not just about team managers. Parents and players are also your attendees and they will want to plan ahead. Many will be interested in getting clarity about your tournament status. Whether its being Rescheduled, Postponed or Cancelled you can use to manage each of these situations differently.

What are the differences between Rescheduled, Postponed and Cancelled?

  • A Rescheduled tournament has a new date decided with no change to other detail. You are very keen to get more enquiries lined up from Team Managers and you can use website to spread the word. Your rescheduled date is seen by other tournament organisers, which has a secondary benefit to help avoid unintentional clashes. As other local tournaments get rescheduled, many will have flexibility to swap age groups between Saturday or Sunday if they see your plan. It’s in no-one’s interest to schedule a local clash for any age group after all. One note – you can’t reschedule a tournament into next season because age groups will change and so a separate advert will be required.
  • A Postponed tournament isn’t going ahead on the original date, but a new date is undecided. You welcome Team Managers to enquire so you can contact them very quickly when the new date is set. The tournament is labelled Postponed on with the original date shown for the moment.
  • A Cancelled tournament will not run this summer at all. You’ll want to use as part of your communication to the football community in a professional way to help encourage return visits next year. You expect very few (if any) new enquiries before next season.

Does it cost to postpone or cancel a tournament?

No, I do not charge to amend your advert to show it is postponed or cancelled. There is also no charge for rescheduling with a new date up to the beginning of the new season (which should be underway by the end of September each year). Tournament Directors are asked to get in contact and I will take care of amending tournament adverts on this site. Back in 2020 I directly emailed Tournament Directors with guidance on how to do this, and also how to access contact details for team managers that enquired about their tournament.

When a tournament runs (or if I am not contacted) then its advert will automatically expire on the originally advertised date, as normal.

Let’s all hope to be playing football again soon without disruption we’ve seen in the last couple of years.

List of recent tournament status changes