Add Tournament

Tournament Directors and Organisers – you can generate sales enquiries from team officials of FA affiliated clubs! Just add your Tournament or Festival to our list so that FA affiliated team managers include you in their summer tournament schedule.

  • Your club simply lists its tournament or festival, even before sanction.
  • We promote it through the year right up to the date of the event.
  • Football Team Managers compare, choose and make enquiries.
  • You get unlimited sales enquiries
  • We do not reveal Tournament Directors email address so volunteers don’t waste time. The Tournament Director gets an email alert from the website, complete with the enquirer’s address so it is easy follow up every sales lead.
  • All listed tournaments get their own page with a map and an enquiry form.

Basic Advert

  • Enquiries go your email address, which we keep private.
  • Just £10 pays for the advert to run right up to the date of your tournament
  • We ask your tournament programme includes an advert for our site. A choice of artwork is available.

Gold Advert

Same as a basic advert, plus :-

  • Your tournament programme does not have to include an acknowledgement for our website.
  • You have the option of a reciprocal link to your website*.
  • Enquiries automatically copied to a second Club Official in addition to your email. Both addresses are kept private.
  • £20 to pay for the advert to run right up to the date of your tournament

*Assumes your site has a link to us

Tournament coverage history

Starting in the year 2000 as a Buckinghamshire list of FA sanctioned tournaments on its audience quickly grew beyond Buckinghamshire to London, Oxfordshire Berkshire and Hertfordshire. By 2014 even more counties were using it so it was separated onto its own site here at