Need a map to the tournament?

Why a map is important for your tournament

Team managers that research tournaments or festivals outside their normal geographic patch find a map helps. After clicking the address for any listed tournament, a map is displayed to them.

Of course, players and parents are more likely to turn up on time if they haven’t got lost on the day. A postcode covers a group of houses, but many tournaments don’t have their own postcode – especially those held in playing fields. A pin on the map is a great way to direct car drivers very precisely to the car park or entrance for your event. So in the weeks running up to the tournament the Latitude and Longitude will give your visitors a map showing where cars should arrive and park.

When placing your advert let me know the Latitude and Longitude in the Private Message field on the advert application form. Don’t bother though if your tournament has listed in previous seasons as I’ll have the coordinates from then.

If you are adding a new tournament, use the guide at the bottom of this page to get your tournament’s Latitude and Longitude. If you are not sure, just leave the form fields blank when you register your tournament. It can always be added later.

To help COVID-19 plans in 2021 season I’ll be trialling publishing routes rather than map pins. For entrance and exit to the tournament specify a route from the car park to the registration desk, and onwards to a playing area. Walk the route with your navigation device and save the route as a .gpx file. Please send me your .gpx file for publication here. Tournament Directors with such detailed plans for car parking and traffic can also request tweeks as Risk Assessments evolve.

Use Google Maps to get your tournament Latitude and Longitude coordinates

  • Find the Tournament venue on Google Maps
  • Right click the point where you want teams to enter – this will be a car park, gate or the end of a road to the venue
  • In the menu that appears, select the option “What’s Here?”. A pop-up will appear with a photo and the coordinates.
  • The Latitude in Great Britain will be a number between 50 and 60 with up to 6 decimal places
  • The Longitude in Great Britain will be a small number (and negative if its east of Greenwich)

So your Latitude and Longitude coordinates will look something like 52.454198 -2.211527 respectively

Use the Ordanance Survey tool to get your tournament Latitude and Longitude coordinates

Ordnance Survey maps allow pinpoint accuracy for off-road locations often used for junior football tournaments.

  • Visit
  • Key in a nearby post code to the box in the top left corner. Include the space in the middle of the postcode.
  • Zoom and navigate to the exact location you would like visitors to see and hold down the mouse pointer for a few seconds on the spot
  • Look at the URL at the top of your browser window to get the decimal latitude and longitude. Note them down – they will look something like 52.45419 -2.21152 respectively
  • Use this pair of numbers as the coordinates when you list your tournament with us.