Dual button Advert


Two buttons – one submits Enquiry form to generate sales leads. The other is a link to your registration/payment page.

For Tournament Organisers that want ticket sales through their own registration website, plus the enquiry form as a secondary “no-obligation” option for Team Managers that are just researching.

This is the only advert format with two buttons. There is a demonstration of the Dual Button advert here.

The link to your external registration/ticketing page is via the first button which takes the user off the ClubTournament site. It is up to the Tournament Organiser’s landing page to convert the sale. Team Manager’s “no-obligation” enquiries are submitted by the second button and are emailed to the Tournament Director, so a sales follow up to the Team Manager is possible.

  • Clubs can include a photo to help promote any major feature or the atmosphere of the event.
  • Adverts can be for age groups from the range Under 7 to Under 16, Youth, Mens or Ladies, plus some custom age groups.
  • The Enquiry form lets visitors contact with you. The Tournament organiser’s email address is kept private.
  • You can advertise different Team registration/entry prices for different age groups. Up to 8 different price tiers is supported. For more complex pricing please contact us.
  • A whole page dedicated to your tournament’s details, description and image when visitors click through from the homepage to get more details.
  • There is a short summary on the Club Tournaments home page and County listing page. Team Managers can click through to the Tournament Detail page where your main advert is.
  • Long tournaments – up to four consecutive days – are supported

Girls-only count as different age groups to Boys/Mixed. For example U7 to U16 Girls-only tournaments as well as separate Boys/Mixed sections in these age groups would be too large for a Basic advert, but would be more suited to this listing advert format.

*Since 2021, club links have not been appearing on the home page, but instead they now appear on your tournament’s Detail page if required.