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Enquire direct to the Tournament Organiser

It's free to enquire to get information. No obligation.

    Grassroots (any division)Colts (below Division 1)AcademyGirls

    This advert format is the only one with two buttons. It is for Tournament Organisers that primarily want sales of tickets through their registration website plus the enquiry form as a secondary “no-obligation” option for the customer.

    Team Manager “no-obligation” enquiries are submitted by the blue button and are emailed to the organiser, so a sales follow up to the Team Manager is possible.

    The link to your external registration/ticketing page is via the button which takes the user off the ClubTournament site. It is up to the Tournament Organiser’s landing page to convert the sale.

    This advert format upgrades to the number of age groups and different price bands you have set for tickets :-

    – All ages supported by Gold Advert plus some custom groups.
    – Tournaments lasting up to four consecutive days.
    – Up to 8 different team registration prices for differing age groups.

    As with all listings on this website, there is a summary of your tournament on the home page and County listings. Team Managers can click through to the Tournament Detail page where your main advert is. This Details page has an image plus the Enquiry form which generates sales leads. Your Email address is kept private.