Ice Cream Van services

If you have a event with a high attendance contact Nav’s Ices now to see if we can arrange a rent or profit sharing arrangement with you.

    Nav’s Ices are ice cream vendors for hire for your tournaments, festivals and fun days.

    If you are interested in having one of Nav’s Ices vans at your location or event it can be supplied for you for a flat fee or a percentage of the profits at the right location. All the vans do come with food and hygiene certificates rated form local councils and public liability insurance.

    Nav’s Ices is confident it can supply you with an ice cream van and an excellent service even on short notice if anyone lets you down.

    If you have a large event, show, permanent visitor attraction, high attendance tournament or any other suitable location make contact with the enquiry form on this page to find out about a profit sharing or fixed rent arrangement. Prices are dependant on event location, length of operation and date.

    Please feel free to contact Nav’s Ices with the enquiry form on this page if you have any questions or bookings.